I’m 66 years old and was very active for the last twenty years.

Three months ago, I went for a three hour bike ride based on my training schedule. I have been training for Ironman AZ 70.3 for almost 5 months and I was at the peak of my training. I felt good during the ride and even did a short run after the ride. When I got home, I felt a pain in my chest and numbness on my left arm. By then, I knew something is wrong. At the back of my mind, I’m thinking I’m having a heart attack. I ended up in the ER and my life changed that quickly. The next day, I went for an angiogram but the Doctor said that couldn’t put a stent on me and I needed a bypass surgery…..CABG X 6! The next day, I went for a bypass surgery for 6 hours.

I was given a second chance in life. The next 6 weeks in recovery was hard. I used to be this fit triathlete and now was needing help for simply getting in and out of bed and will always be forever be grateful to my wife for  being there always.

Today, I was given an Ok by my Cardiologist to slowly go back to swim, back and run/walk and intend to go back to triathlon and Ironman races in the future.