Ironheart Connect is a Facebook group created as a conduit to get people in the cardiac community talking. It is a safe place where not just patients but caregivers, friends, and family can have open, meaningful conversations about a variety of topics which may include getting prepared for heart surgery, choosing the best diet, to selecting which activities are best.  It is also a great place to seek and provide support for one another.

The Ironheart Community acts as a mentoring support network and also offers tips and tricks from others who have learned who are living and thriving with heart disease.  We encourage people to post in our Facebook group when they are going through experiences like procedures or other tough times.

Ironheart Connect is also the perfect place to share your inspirational photos and stories. For those interested in having their full story displayed on the website please email

We will also be posting activities and events to the Ironheart Connect group, as will members of the community. Feel free to invite other folks to your events, activities or gatherings!

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Thank you for accepting me. I used to live jogging, horseback riding, gardening, and keeping in shape. That all ended when I got to the point I was in candy and pain, breathless, and could not wash my own clothes with help. It turns out I have rate bithdefects, and was operating on one lung and 3 chambers to my heart and had a heart block. Two surgeries later, I am ready to get back into shape. Thanks for having me. ...

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Thank you so much for allowing me to join this group. In February of 2016 I suffered two massive heart attacks. The heart attacks were caused by scar tissue I received from radiation therapy from Hodgkin's Lymphoma back in 2004. I now have coronary artery disease and live daily with the fact that another heart attack can happen at any time because the scar tissue will always be there. I am really looking for a community to help me get back to my triathlon lifestyle and help me deal with the depression and ups and downs of living with heart disease. ...

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What or Who gives you motivation to get in shape and physically active? ...

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Ironheart store closes in 2 days! Remember to use code BLACKNOVEMBER for 15% off! ...

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I’m all healed up and back at it post pacemaker implant #6.

I’m feeling great and can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. Big goals as far as getting serious about racing again.

Does anyone else have a pacemaker? I’ve had once since 1991. ...

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