Ironheart Connect is a Facebook group created as a conduit to get people in the cardiac community talking. It is a safe place where not just patients but caregivers, friends, and family can have open, meaningful conversations about a variety of topics which may include getting prepared for heart surgery, choosing the best diet, to selecting which activities are best.  It is also a great place to seek and provide support for one another.

The Ironheart Community acts as a mentoring support network and also offers tips and tricks from others who have learned who are living and thriving with heart disease.  We encourage people to post in our Facebook group when they are going through experiences like procedures or other tough times.

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For the longest time I was afraid to get back on my bike. The fear of possibly getting dizzy and having one of my syncope episodes was truly blocking me. This past week we took a trip to get out of harm's way with Irma. My husband urged me to bring my bike. I am glad I did. The feeling I had riding my bike down Broad Street where I grew up was amazing. Then today I found a trail that leads right to Lake Michigan. I rode a total of 40 miles in the last 4 days. It feels good to be back on my bike. I just wanted to share this victory. ...

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Just got open heart surgery when the sneezing not hurt ...

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Two of Ironheart's finest. 5k and 10 miler at GR Bridge Run - 9/17/2017 Grand Rapids. ...

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Here's another weird question. Since OHS, (or maybe since graft?), sometimes my toes will go completely numb and look a little gray. It happened yesterday during the race I ran.

Anyone else ever experience that? It goes away.

I have an aortic graft from valve to first split/top of arch. Valve was not replaced and like 95% good. ...

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So here i am back in hospital just over a yr for CP . Failed my stress test, need a new stent because of radiation treatment causes alot of calcification of arteries. My chances of needing OHS just increased. ...

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