Kelly says that Ironheart Foundation helps those seeking to achieve prior normalcy.

Kelly Boles Feature 600x400Perpetual Puissance – the existing energy, vigor, and sprightliness present in advance of OHS.

In the pre-OHS present, I could be best described as an eclectic mosaic of life’s aggregated experiences. Insatiable curiosities, an abundance of energy, perseverance, along with a sense of humor are a few of my more prominent personality traits. I am also quite intuitive and analytical. I have been told that I am somewhat unique as I am both highly creative and technical. There is a symbiotic relationship within my mind where the right hemisphere envisions while the left brain constructs.

Professionally, I have been positioned in leadership roles associated with strategic enterprise initiatives. At home, I am known as the Energizer “B.” Cycling and rock climbing represent my primary forms of maintaining physical fitness. Hobbies include restoring vintage railroad equipment at a museum near Wisconsin Dells, and I am also a licensed amateur radio operator (KE0EMJ). I have a diverse array of other interests that include remodeling projects, carpentry, millwork, welding, metal fabrication, oil painting, etc.

Élan Vital – the inevitable evoluntionary adaptations which will occur post-OHS

 At the end of June, my heartbeat will be interrupted to perform an aortic valve replacement. Hence, the passions listed above will all be paused—temporarily. The Ironheart Foundation provides a support community for those seeking to achieve prior normalcy as individuals strive to return to past states of activity. However, evolution and adaption will be inherent and inevitable. I have been unpretentiously open with family friends and co-workers with respect to sharing the timelines and likely effects of the pending medical procedures.

My OHS will occur at the primary Mayo Clinic located in Rochester, MN —which has served as my employer for the past 18 years. Ironically and fortunately, I now find myself now on the receiving end of the patient-centric care regimen espoused by Mayo Clinic.

– Kelly Boles, Rochester, MN