Join the movement

Impact the Ironheart community by becoming a fundraiser. You might choose to build a creative campaign around your surgiversary, birthday or an athletic event. You can even make it a challenge or dare! You might host an event at your school or place of employment. If you are a Race Director, consider having Ironheart Foundation be the charitable beneficiary of your event. By doing so, you will be providing funds that go directly to the Ironheart Scholarship Program  designed for cardiac patients/students that seek higher education as a way of making a difference in the world.

You don't have to have heart disease to participate. Friends, loved ones, and supporters make great fundraisers. Consider celebrating someone you love by raising money for a scholarship that will make an impact.

Start Your Campaign

Here are a few of our most inspiring and creative campaigns:

Heart Hike

John Kolker, one of our Ironheart members and a sudden cardiac death survivor is attempting a 2,190 mile Appalachian Trail thru-hike in 2017 to raise awareness and funds for the Ironheart Foundation. Read more about it here.


Race Campaign

Ellie Wilhelm's "One in a Hundred" campaign honors the 1/100 born with congenital heart disease.   She raised over $2000 with the help of 43 donors in conjunction with running in the Clinic Illinois Half Marathon to celebrate her accomplishment.   She also shared her story on social media spreading awareness. Way to go Ellie!


Event Beneficiary

Teresa Ustanik raised $4175 by chairing the Push Your Limit: Heels to Heart Fun Run while engaging her community in Alvarado, Texas. Not only was her event extremely successful in raising funds to support Ironheart's mission, but she helped individuals with heart disease find our community.


Hiking Rehab

With a little help from his friends, Andy Bowden devised a challenge with the approval of his medical advisors as part of his rehab.  He took on a 60km hike to the South Coast of England starting from Liphook in Hampshire and ending in West Sussex.  In doing so he raised $666, while making memories every step of the way.


January Jeans

Using a splash of creativity, Glenn Christenson from Baltimore, Maryland raised $145 with a January Jeans fundraiser at his place of employment.  Employees wore jeans on a casual Friday to make a stand against heart disease, were encouraged to donate $5 or more, and received information on the importance of heart health.

Want to make Ironheart the charitable beneficiary of your race?  Do you have a fundraising idea?   Shoot us an email.