One in three people will suffer from heart disease in their lifetime, but only a few have learned to thrive with it. HEART: Flatline to Finish Line is the raw and emotional journey of six individuals from hospital beds to the finish line of one of the world’s most grueling endurance events, the IRONMAN® triathlon.

Director David Watkins flatlined on the operating table- his heart stopped for 5 minutes. For an otherwise healthy man in his thirties, a congenital heart defect nearly proved fatal. After being revived and surviving a subsequent stroke, he became determined to do something with his second lease on life.

Heart surgery is an all too common event and before long David was meeting people from around the world with similar stories - all had something to prove. This is the story of 6 survivors daring to take on an improbable feat and prove to the world they still have the heart to overcome any obstacle that gets in their way.

Shot across the country from Seattle to Las Vegas, Chicago, Honolulu, Carmel and Tempe, this feature-length documentary will take you on a visually stunning and emotionally moving journey of despair and triumph, of sacrifice and glory. Featuring original music by indie darling Cloud Cult, and interviews with some of the biggest names in endurance sport and cardiology, it will inspire you to examine your own life and encourage you to fill it full of HEART.

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The documentary’s festival run started in April at the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival at Regal 14 Stadium/L.A.Live. HEART: Flatline to Finish Line is expected to have a strong festival showing leading up to a Fall 2016 release. Pre-orders are available now and advanced screenings are being scheduled around the country.

“Pure heart…” -Sports Illustrated,

“Promises to be a critically important film” -Sports Illustrated,

“Hearts that just won’t quit” -Ironman Life,

“Definitely a film that's worth seeing” -Triathlete magazine,

“Remarkable in so many ways” -Larry Creswell, MD Cardiac Surgeon