Our Champ-Sys store (open spring and fall) for tech apparel, racing gear, etc. IS OPEN! Your shopping window for November 2017 is Nov 16-26!

The store: https://custom2.champ-sys.com/teamstore/?IronheartFall2017

Important Notes:

  • Once the order window closes no modifications can be made. The order will be sent directly to production if all requirements are satisfied. All orders will ship within 4-5 weeks.
  • You must complete “check out” to finalize your order. Orders with "Order Saved" status will not be produced. Members may log in at anytime to resume and complete the Saved Order.
  • Once the store closes (Nov 26), it will take 4-6 weeks to get the apparel made and shipped out.
  • Members can access their accounts at anytime to place additional orders and view account history.
  • If there is apparel offered by Champ-Sys that you do not see in our store, you can request that our design be applied to that apparel.  We will create it for you!
  • This year, you will have two options for shipping.
    1. You can select to have your order be directly shipped to you from Champ-Sys.  There is a cost associated with this option.
    2. You can direct your order to come through Ironheart’s distribution center.  We will take those orders and send them out with shipping and postage covered by us.  It will take longer to receive your apparel this way, but will save you in shipping cost.

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