Our Champ-sys store opens twice a year, in spring and fall.  The store was open Spring 2017, May 5-19.  Please check back in the fall.


  1. To place your order, go to https://custom2.champ-sys.com/teamstore/?Ironheart
  2. Select your country
  3. Enter the following info: Username: ironheart; Password: orange
    **DO NOT attempt to ‘create a new account’.
  4. You will then be instructed to create your own account. Now, you can enter your own username and password.
  5. Once complete, you will be taken to your dashboard. Under “Ironheart Racing Team Store”, select ‘ORDER NOW’
  6. The Store will close on May 19. No orders will be accepted after that date, and no modifications can be made after that date. Orders will ship 4-5 weeks after the store closes.
  7. All orders are FINAL. No returns. No exchanges. We are using a third party (Champ-Sys) to custom tailor your specific order. Check their sizing chart and make sure you order accurately! This cannot be stressed enough!
  8. If you find an item that you want and it doesn’t already have the Ironheart logo, feel free to order and follow the instructions on having it custom made. Any and all items are available for our organization.
  • You must complete “check out” to finalize their order. Orders with “Order Saved” status will not be processed!
  • You may log in at anytime to resume and complete the Saved Order.
  • You can access your account at anytime to place additional orders and view account history.
  • Ironheart pays all shipping for you!